Ginni Guizor
The Art and Architecture of Carl Sandburg: Man and School
Students in color photography classes researched the poetry of Carl Sandburg and then connected key elements of his work to their school environment through photography. The final product was a book of student work that links their perceptions of the school with Carl Sandburg’s words.

Donna Herman, Carrie King, Beverly Bruns, and Patty Nelson
One School, One Book: A Literacy Adventure
All Andrew High School students, faculty, staff and community members were encouraged to read the same book during the year. A series of book discussions and activities were planned to develop a community of readers. The social and active nature of this project encouraged discussion with peers, teachers and community members as a way to build literacy, critical thinking skills and a caring society.

Diane Gurnea and Mike Littman
Amos Alonzo Stagg Nature Center
Life sciences students experienced hands-on learning activities in an outdoor biological classroom consisting of native wild plants on the school grounds. Student understanding of local biodiversity, conservation awareness and other concepts covered in existing courses were enhanced through this nature center.

Pat Usher, Kim Witt and Government Teachers
Voice and Choice: A Living Guide for First-Time Voters
This is a 16-month consortium on voting that directly impacted 700 student-voters and 1,200 government students. The overall goal was to inform students of the life-long civic duty of voting in local, state and federal elections through symposiums, mock elections, and other experiences.

Laurie Rapinchuk, Kathleen Corr, Mary Ventura, Debbie Ferrero, Allison Roberts, Dave Henry, Janet Manning, and Ian McLeod
Snoezelen Concept Sensory Room
Through the continued development of the Snoezelen Concept Sensory Room, students with disabilities have a space that empowers them to seek things that relax them. The release of stress and frustration by using specialized equipment will then allow them to return to the classroom more open to learning.

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