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Jeff Janes, Tom Kearney, Diane Kozmic, Colleen Martin-Rafferty, Laura Novak, Barb Sopiarz, Carol Sutor, and Walter Zukowski
Andrew Green Team – Every Day is Earth Day
In an effort to promote an increased awareness and foster a lifelong sense of responsibility and stewardship for the care of our planet, this grant will implement several environmentally-based initiatives involving students, parents and staff in the Andrew community that will be known as the “Green Team.” This will include waste reduction, paper recycling, saving monarch butterflies, and monthly environmental education themes.

Stacey Ardizonne and Erin McMillan
Daily Living Skills Room
This grant assists students with multiple needs to learn the skills they will need in their daily lives. Through the installation of kitchen and laundry equipment students will have real life experiences to learn the skills needed to be functionally independent in their lives.

Sarah Lombard and Michelle Martinez
Leamos Juntos (Let’s Read Together)
The goal of this grant is to improve students’ proficiency in Spanish through the use of a mobile Spanish library. The library will include resources for reading in Spanish, specific to students’ levels and interests.

Brian Dennis, Cathy Harper, Jen Doede and Dave Henry
SWSC Special Games
This grant will show support for students with special needs and their peer tutors as they participate in the SWSC Special Games. This event gives students an opportunity to demonstrate skill acquisition in a competitive format, promote their school spirit, and see their role in the greater community.

Mike Duffy
The Trilogue Project – Three Countries, One World
Through this grant, all Andrew students, staff and community will be encouraged to participate in activities examining the history of the Cold War and make comparisons with the War on Terror. A series of panel discussions and activities will develop an ongoing dialogue between the school and students and staff from Russia and Germany.

Mike Duffy, Lee Harsy and Doug Kaufmann
Witness to History
This grant will invite speakers who have been witnesses to history to work with small and large groups of students. What better way to underscore the importance of helping students realize their potential in an ever-changing world than by helping them see that at some point in their life they will be called upon to make a courageous decision.

Jennifer Baniewicz and Erin Hanson
Campus Connections: Professor Speakers
This grant is an effort to create a strong relationship between local universities and the Stagg school community. Twice a year, a professor will speak with students and staff about a social science topic. Students will have the opportunity to hear the lecture and interact with the professor about the speech topic and the college, as well. Following the presentation, Stagg staff members will work directly with the professor to gather materials for future classroom use. In addition, the school’s culinary arts students will have real-world catering experience through preparing a dinner for the participants.

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