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Lori Hibbott and Charlie Tarjan
Sustained Silent Reading Classroom Library”
In an effort to help students become better readers and writers and to improve their vocabulary, a Sustained Silent Reading Library was created. Students have the opportunity to check out books from the classroom library resulting in an increased appreciation for reading. This grant provided approximately 220 books that will be in student’s hands starting first semester.

Carolyn Arnold, Margaret Deyerler, Jill Erdman, Marissa Fildew, Kelly Mendoza, Adriane Solomon and Kim VanderWoude
Reading in the Foreign Language: A Link to Literacy
This grant introduced authentic periodicals, magazines and books geared toward teenagers into Spanish classrooms. It created an on-going mobile reading program that will enhance the curriculum, develop literacy skills across all levels of Spanish and improve reading scores.

Angela Huntington and Melissa Wolff
INSPIRE Creations
INSPIRE Creations is a work experience for students with multiple disabilities. Students make cards for several occasions and sell the cards to sustain their own business. This experience helps the students develop communication skills and functional skills that they can apply to real world situations. This grant provided the start-up costs and then the sale of the cards helps the program become self-sustaining.

Judy Brower and Ginni Guzior
Edible Art
Advanced Culinary Arts and Photography students prepared an edible art banquet using specialized techniques, principles of design and environmental consciousness. Local culinary arts and art professionals interacted with students to teach them food preparation techniques and artistic skills. Overall, students were responsible for all aspects of the banquet including food preparation, budget and scheduling.

Beth Gulden and Leigh Johnson
Community Connections: Parent Liaisons
The Community Connections project is an effort to foster connections between non-English speaking parents, their children and the school to help them make their high school experience successful. Skilled parent liaisons will assist counselors and other staff members in translating documents as well as in-person communications. This project celebrates Stagg High School’s diversity and enables students and families to strengthen their connection to the school community.

Donna Herman and Carrie King
One Book One School - Expanded
With this grant the One Book One School literacy project added a new component as it moves into its third year. Just as Web 2.0 connects people from around the world, One Book One School Expanded seeks to connect reading experiences across the school district by inviting District 230 staff and students to participate in real and virtual time. The program used web quests, blogging and video interviews in addition to the more traditional books talks.

Donna Herman
Literacy Leaders Project
This project is a collaborative reading venture with local grade schools designed to create shared reading opportunities between juniors who struggle in reading and first or second graders who are learning how to read. This partnership allowed high school students the chance to utilize, practice and share their reading skills with developing readers.

Sandy Kuypers and Jim Duffy
School Store
This grant provided for the creation of a School Store where students participate in running a small business that offered school supplies and other items for sale to students and staff. Students will be activity involved in organizing and setting-up the store as well as staffing, scheduling workers, conducting inventory, accounting, merchandising, advertising, ordering and any other activity necessary for the successful management of the store. There also is a connection to local businesses to tap into their expertise to help student learn management skills.

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