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Karen Fitzgerald, Dan Zielinski and Amy Yeaman
Intergenerational Service Learning Project
This mini grant will allow students to collaborate with community members on both ends of the generation spectrum. Each month, students will team with senior citizens at Peace Memorial Village in projects to enhance communication skills, improve self-esteem and develop respectful relationships. They will also become pen pals with kindergarten students at Christa McAuliffe School and create lesson plans and activities to teach the students during Dr. Seuss Day.

Kim Huelsman
Give All You Can Give: Military Honor Wall
This campus grant will honor those from the Sandburg community who are serving or have served in the military through a display created by World History classes. The students will create an action plan, complete research and see the project through to completion, including a written and electronic directory and permanent display.

Angela Huntington
iTouch to Independence
This mini grant will increase the level of independence in vocational and self-help skills for students. Skills will be digitally recorded and played back on a portable video device in order for students with intellectual disabilities to learn the steps necessary to complete tasks on their own. The technology will promote independence and self-management in the workplace and in their daily lives.

Dan Carrier, Brian Buglio and Sarah Bryers
Dartfish Software and Video Analysis Program
Through the use of advanced video technology students and their teachers will analyze the biomechanics of human movement. Video analysis of students’ form and technique in a physical education setting will help them develop critical thinking skills as they analyze body movement and improve upon skills needed to safely improve their fitness and performance.
Mark Lobes and Lindsey Moritz
Architecture and City Planning Student Exchange"
A continuation of a long-standing partnership with a school in Germany, this student exchange will focus on architecture, urban planning and historical events that have shaped both Chicago and Hamburg, Germany. Students will connect research in both cities while building relationships with international students and teachers.

Spiro Merkouris, Christina Soldan and Laura Lorenzo
Outdoor Learning Center
The creation of an outdoor learning center in a wooded area on campus will provide a space for personal and social development, environmental awareness and opportunities for cross-curricular links. By providing the opportunity to develop a respect for nature as part of the educational experience, students will learn to be accountable and responsible for the environment.

Phil Dryer, Kristin Green and Dave Kreis
Sports Medicine Symposium
Building the success of the first Sports Medicine Symposium held this year, this district-wide event provides an opportunity for students to learn about numerous professions in the sports medicine field. It will connect students to practicing medical professionals in order to give them insight into potential future occupations.

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