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Patricia Clifton and Mally LaGiglia
Sandburg High School
Lunch with a Professional
Lunch with a Professional is a monthly program that gives students the opportunity to meet with professional to assist in developing their future-focused career goals while realizing their potential toward a specific career. Through this program students connect classroom learning to a variety of careers, the education and training involved in those careers and essential workplace skills.

Phil Dryer, Kristin Green and Dave Kreis
All Three High Schools
Fourth Annual Sports Medicine Symposium
This district-wide event has expanded over the years to provide an opportunity for more than 300 students to learn about numerous professions in the sports medicine field. It connects students to practicing medical professionals in order to give them insight into potential future occupations.

Michael Kravitz
Andrew High School
VJA-TV is a student-run broadcasting club created to meet a growing interest students have in the field of broadcasting. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to do all aspects of a television production including live athletic events, school activities, and newscasts.

Dana Birch and Laura Kirby
Andrew High School
Building an Outdoor Learning Center
An outdoor classroom will be constructed at Andrew High School to allow teachers from all departments to connect their students to nature and provide and opportunities for cross-curricular links. By providing the opportunity to develop a respect for nature as part of the educational experience, students will learn to be accountable and responsible for the environment.

Michael Kealy and Michael Durbin
Stagg High School
The White Wall Project
The White Wall Project is a creation of the Stagg Climate Committee to motivate students and visually enhance the school environment. Students will suggest inspirational quotes that will be developed into displays by art students and then installed throughout the campus.

Pete Knutson and Chris Milo
Sandburg High School
LIVE from the Steel Eagle
Building on the success of the Steel Eagle radio station, the program will expand to include live video broadcasts of athletic matches, school events and news programming. Students will be able to expand their technical skills to include a variety of multi-media including radio and video.

Jennifer Doede, Karen Erickson, Jenny Bowen, Courtney Stoub, Audra VanRaden, Doug Bozych, Phil Dryer and Dave Wilson
Andrew High School
T-Bolt Wellness Team: Planting Seeds to Grow Healthy Adults
The T-Bolt Wellness Team will expand to include students and staff in planning programs that demonstrate the impact that health and wellness choices have on themselves and others. This year-long campaign will include monthly informational posters, healthy food choices, presentations by a dietician, Brain Boot Camp, an Andrew Community Exercising Simultaneously event, a wellness fair, and after school field trips to local fitness facilities.

Aron Kopera and Mike Moylan
Stagg High School
FIRST Robotics Teams
Students will work collaboratively with professional engineers to build a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Students will apply the content they learn in the classroom including computer programming, mechanical designs, team leadership and applied technical skills while gaining real-world experience.

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