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Dave Drzonek, Fred Peronto and Pat Usher
Success Stories: A Living Guide to Building Curiosity, Optimism and Grit
Based on research from the book “How Children Succeed” this campus grant will inspire students by engaging them with experts who exemplify the key characteristics of grit, zest, conscientiousness, optimism, self-control, curiosity and gratitude. All attributes that the research links to success both in school and in life through what the author calls “performance character.” Students will see speakers as part of the “Success Stories” series off campus as well presenters brought to school.

Kristin Pila, Phil Dryer and Dave Kreis
Medical Professional Labs and Speakers
This district-wide grant will expose students interested in the medical field to a series of speakers and hands-on labs guided by those experts. These opportunities allow students to gather a strong understanding of the various professions and to determine if it is a right fit for their future. The labs take the lessons taught in the classroom and through presentations to another level by allowing students to utilize tools and resources used regularly by medical professionals.

Lynn Robinson, Nitya Viswanath and Laura Schmuck
Sacre Bleu! Explorations in Science in the World Language Class
Students in French classes across the district will explore, investigate, make predictions and describe science phenomena while using the French language. Students will acquire new science-related vocabulary within the world language they are studying through investigations, writing, discussion and presentations.

Giedre Kazlauskas
Long Distance Learning: International Pen Pal Project
This mini-grant will pair English Language Learners with high school students around the world through an international pen pal program. Student writing improves dramatically when the writer has a real audience for whom they are writing. This grant will support that initiative along with introducing the students to a global perspective and aid them in becoming tolerant, respectful adults.

Denise Ledvina and Tammy Stamus
Project Access
Project Access will allow for students identified with behavioral and emotional disabilities to have access to and utilize current technology as they learn skills that will impact their educational progress in high school and beyond. Students will learn how to identify, problem solve, take responsibility for and monitor their emotions, thoughts and behaviors through the use of two iPad 2 devices in conjunction with the program. Apps and video modeling using the iPads will assist students in meeting their goals.

Mary Michaelson
This grant will have students across campus celebrate Illinois Arts Month through engagement in a variety of activities. Students will create a collaborative mural, participate in a “coffee house” with visual artists, musicians, writers, actors and dancers, and experience the power of community-based art through Chalk Fest and Window Art. Art students will also learn from professional artists through a series of guest speakers and hands-on lessons.

Donna Herman, Carrie King, Christy Meiling, Jen Jordt, Anne Barkus, Alice Cooler, Brian Gascoin and Jeff Janes
One Book - One School - One State
This campus grant will support and encourage students, staff and the community to participate in a shared reading of one book, along with the opportunity to partake in additional literacy experiences supported by the Illinois Reads Program. The Andrew community will be motivated to participate in the social and active nature of reading through a variety of experiences, meeting the diverse needs of students, staff and community. Critical thinking skills will be enhanced as participants develop relationships with the characters and apply what they learn from the text to the world around us.

Karen Fitzgerald, Amy Yeaman, Amy Brown, Lisa Thayer and Mary Ogarek
Writing in Real World
This campus grant will connect students with authors and teach them the power of language and its importance in society. Authors and guest speakers will relate the content of books to the context of students’ lives. This project will allow authors to discuss their books and the craft of writing in order to spark student interest in the creative process and the content of their books.

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