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Robert Nolting, Abir Othman and Student Leaders
Celebrating Victor J. Andrew
This grant will provide seed money for the creation of museum-like display at the entrance of the school to celebrate the accomplishments of its namesake Victor J. Andrew. Senior leaders working alongside Victor’s grandson learn about the history of the man the school is named for and his commitment to innovation, philanthropy and scientific achievement. Using artifacts donated by the family, this display will provide information and inspiration.

Kristin Pila
Future Fitness Professionals/American Council on Exercise Certification
This grant will prepare students for a career certification from the American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification. Students will learn the content as well as practice the skills necessary to master the pillars to the certification exam. Upon passing the exam, students would have the certification needed to gain employment fitness facilities, park districts and college fitness centers.

Laura Kirby and Dana Birch
Greening the Outdoor Classroom
This grant will continue the efforts established with a previous grant to create an outdoor classroom at Andrew. Now that the classroom has been built, this grant will incorporate green practices including a rain barrel watering station, organic gardening and composting. Students will be involved in caring for the classroom and it will provide an additional space for classes to learn.

Sarah Lombard
Let Your Voices Be Heard
This mini grant will improve students’ proficiency in Spanish-speaking skills through the use of online speaking and recording software using Google Voice. The grant will provide the headphone/microphones needed to take advantage of the software. Studies have shown one of the best ways to improve students’ speaking fluency and accuracy is through continuous practice accompanied by quick specific feedback on their performance. This grant will allow that to happen.

Kristin Pila, Phil Dryer, David Kreis and Scott Peters
Medical Professionals: Surgery, Speakers and Labs
This grant will support the 6th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium by providing funding for a Skyped Surgery where students will watch live as a medical team treats a patient. The grant will also support the Sports Medicine Quiz Bowl where students test their knowledge of topics learned in sports medicine courses.

Ross Trout, Suzane Hegeman, Julie Terlep, Laura Begani, Kristin Mastejulia and Alice Cooler
Overdrive Immersion
To keep up with the demand for information as the district expands the use of digital devices, the Overdrive platform will offer a compilation of eBooks, audio books, eTextbooks and video streaming. This grant will expand the electronic collection available at all three schools.
Chris Komer and Izz Matariyeh
This grant will help sustain the Robotics program at Sandburg where students design, engineer and build a highly functioning robot for the US FIRST Robotics competition. Students work closely with engineers and business professionals through the fall and early spring to prepare for competition.

Tom Maguire and Kathryn Guelcher
Visiting Writers Series
This grant will broaden and deepen the school’s historic literary tradition by bringing writers into the school to do a reading, speak with students, lead a writers’ workshop and judge a student writing contest. Students will be actively involved in planning the visits which will help them to develop leadership and organizational skills, as well. 
Mary Ogarek and Lisa Thyer
Writing in the Real World: Part 2 
This grant will continue the outstanding program created by Mary Ogarek this school year, by connecting students with published writers. It will continue to raise awareness of the importance of writing and the differences it can make in a confusing world. The program also will inspire students and staff in many facets of the educational and personal growth.
Scott Plasier and Jim Fabianski
The Ultimate in Problem Solving: Cave Bouldering 
This grant will support the installation of a climbing cave in the school’s blue gym for use by PE classes and clubs. The bouldering cave will present more complex problem-solving situations for students as well as diverse climbing scenarios and team-building activities. 

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