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All Three Campuses
John Bartgen , Jim Corcoran, Brian Jackson, Dave Arndt and Scott Plasier
Helping Preserve Lake Sedgewick for Tomorrow's Fishermen Today
Students from all three high schools will learn the importance of natural resource conservation through their involvement in several hands-on preservation activities. Students will be involved with stocking Lake Sedewick , removing invasive plant species and replacing them with appropriate vegetation, placing additional fish habitats and monitoring fish populations in the lake. They will work alongside professionals from the Department of Natural Resources.

All Three Campuses
Lynn Robinson, Laura Schmuck and Nitya Viswanath
Parlons francais! A French immersion night in D230
Students enrolled in French classes at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools will be immersed in an evening of activities completely in French. Activities will generate authentic communication among students including making a meal, directing a blindfolded partner through an obstacle course, and problem-solving with QR video clues during a scavenger hunt…all while only speaking and reading French.

Bill Scott, Dan Roche, Laurie Genslinger and Lisa Mondragon
Read and Ride
Based on brain research, students in the PALS program will use desk cycles to improve academic and behavioral growth. The added movement of using the desk cycles provides increased engagement with content, heightened awareness of executive functioning skills, longer periods of focus and improved mood.
Laura Kirby and Dana Birch
Backyard Birds in the OLC
Building on the success of the Outdoor Learning Center at Andrew, students, and staff will establish a habitat to benefit native bird species and encourage citizen science among students. In collaboration with funding from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to build birdhouses and bird feeders, this grant will provide bird seed, a bird bath, and additional plantings to entice birds into the habitat. 
Claire Dovantzis and Christin Mozden
Community-based Instruction for Instructional Level Students
Andrew High School students special needs students will access community resources to learn functional life skills including using public transportation, accessing local public library resources, banking responsibly, shopping safely and planning and preparing meals. These skills will assist students as they transition from the school setting to independence.
Audra VanRadin
Heart rate Monitors in Physical Education
The use of heart rate monitors in Andrew High School physical education classes will increase the quality of physical activity students experience during class and will serve as an objective assessment tool for students. The monitors provide real-time feedback and help students track their performance long-term and ultimately improve their overall health and wellness. 
Mary McCarthy, Tim Dalton, Natacia Campbell and Doug Kaufman
The New Literacy Center
The New Literacy Center will integrate English, math, science and world language resources into one center to better serve the academic needs of Andrew High School students. Student tutors will be trained to assist their peers in improving reading, writing, critical thinking and study skills in all disciplines. 
Michelle Hoven, Micki Bohac, Lisa Swan-Kana
Sensory and Executive Function Reading Intervention Room
The Sensory and Executive Function Reading Intervention Room will support academic and social-emotional learning for students with disabilities. The specially designed space and reading materials will provide opportunities for students to balance the rigorous demands of the curriculum, improve reading and writing skills, and allow students greater choice and control within the learning environment.
Kathyrn Guelcher and Tom Maguire
Visiting Writers Series
The Visiting Writers Series grant broadens and deepens the school’s historic literary tradition by bringing writers into the school to do a reading, speak with students, lead a writers’ workshop and judge a student writing contest. Students are actively involved in planning the visits that help them to develop leadership and organizational skills, as well. 
Mary Pat Carr, Jessica Nelson, Allan Williams and Shannan Sisk
Charger University
Charger University is a monthly series dedicated to social-emotional learning. Each month a guest speaker informs, educates and provides an interactive forum for students to learn about significant topics facing teens including health concerns, mental health topics, current social issues, and social media.
Micheal Kealy
White Wall Project - Phase Two
The White Wall Project is a creation of the Stagg Climate Committee to motivate students and visually enhance the school environment. Students will suggest inspirational quotes that will be developed into displays by art students and then installed throughout the campus. 
Susan Kealy and Lauren Royer
Writing in the Real World: A Year of Poetry
The Writing in the Real World grant continues an outstanding program that connects students with published writers. It raises awareness of the importance of writing and the differences it can make in a confusing world. The program also inspires students and staff in many facets of educational and personal growth. This year the grant will focus on connecting students with real-world poets including academic and page poets, slam and performance poets.
Adam Clendenning and Maureen Moran
Social Emotional Learning Lab
 The Social-Emotional Learning Lab will teach special services students coping strategies and allow them to experience activities that help them regulate their emotions and behaviors. It will teach students about building respectful relationships, accountability for their actions, as well as decision-making and communication skills.

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