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Jen Baniewicz, Pete Gabel, Tim McAlpin and Lynn McGarel
American Service Memorial
The American Service Memorial project is dedicated to the alumni of Stagg High School who have lost their lives while in service to our country. The memorial will honor fallen military personnel, police, firefighters, first responders and government officials by name and graduation year. Students will lead a committee to research Stagg graduates involved in American service as well as lead education, communication and continued development of the memorial.

Jennifer Baniewicz and David Podkul
Honoring America's Heroes
Students in U.S. History and Psychology classes will honor local veterans through two field trips. The first will be to the National Veterans Arts Museum in Chicago to learn about current veteran experiences in war and how they use art to express their feelings and cope with PTSD. The second field trip will be to welcome home WWII and Korean veterans from an Honor Flight at Midway Airport.

Christina Cumbo and Sarah Pulaski
Bringing RNBC Executive Functioning Program
This grant will bring the Rush Neurobehavioral Center to Sandburg High School to train special education staff on Executive Functioning research and how to incorporate strategies and resources into the classroom. The program will provide teachers with a systematic approach to helping students with materials management, planning and time management, study strategies, understanding learning strengths, goal setting and decision making.

Andrew and Sandburg
Laura Kirby and Jennifer Snyder
District 230 Commits to Conservation
The grant is a partnership between Andrew, Sandburg and the Orland Grassland-Forest Preserve District of Cook County. Together, they will restore and monitor prairie habitat to increase both biodiversity and conservation awareness. Students will plant native cuttings on land provided by the Orland Grasslands. They will monitor the site year after year, collect data on invasive plant species, soil conditions, fauna identification and other biotic and abiotic features. The data will be shared between the schools for ongoing educational purposes.

Andrew Guidance Department
Getting to Know You
The grant will equip Andrew's College and Career Center with career and interest inventories to assist students in identifying college and career goals. The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Brigs Type Indicator will give students insights into themselves, their strengths and their personalities as they set future-focused goals.

Rene Murray, Carrie Jaroski and Kathleen Bobber
Riding the Wave: Using Biofeedback to Assist Students to Self-Regulate in the Academic Environment
This grant will help students struggling with the ability to self-regulate their emotions and lessen the negative impact on their academic performance and interpersonal relationships. Through the use of emWave, a heart-rate variability monitor, students will learn to regulate their body's reactions when presented with stressful environmental stimuli.

David Kreis
Sports Medicine Symposium
Continuing its success, the Sports Medicine Symposium brings together students to learn from numerous professionals in the sports medicine field. The symposium connects students with practicing professionals to give insights and hands-on training to potential occupations. It helps students narrow their search for a future field of study and career.

Susan Kealy and Lauren Royer
Writing in the Real World
Through this grant, students interact with and learn from published poets. The authors will do readings, answer student questions and conduct writing workshops. This project raises awareness of the importance of writing and the differences it can make in a sometimes confusing world.


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