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10th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium                                             
Phil Dryer, Dave Kreis, Kristin Pila
The 10th annual District 230 Sports Medicine Symposium is an opportunity for students to learn about numerous professions in the sports medicine field. This one day event will include renowned speakers, a college fair, hands-on learning experiences, and a quiz bowl.

Sandburg Campus Garden: Eat, Learn, Sustain                                            
Jennifer Snyder, Jim Fazekas, Kim Bart, Lisa Greenhill, Chris Kome

r, Mark Diorio, Tim Walsh   
The Sandburg Campus Garden is a collaborative effort by teachers in the departments of science, family and consumer sciences, applied technology, art, and foreign language. The goal is to provide authentic learning on our campus by transforming 2,500 square feet of “dead” space into an outdoor garden classroom.

Interactive Geologic Time Scale                                                       
Christopher Milo                                                                          For the last few years, my Geology classes have collaborated and created an interactive Geologic Time Scale, measured to scale, that spans the hallway outside my classroom. This grant will allow us to install a cork exterior in the hallway for students to display their work.

Building Positive Behaviors through Reflective Intervention                                
Mike Murphy, Kristi Baker, Kevin Callaghan, PJ Miller                                       
This grant will provide access to Third Millennium Classroom, a research-based online instructional course system in the areas of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, respect, and conflict resolution. These modules will support the school’s behavioral intervention programs.

D230 Band Showcase at Wentz Concert Hall                                         
Brian Hillhouse, Stewart Bailey, Mark Iwinski, Bob Mecozzi                                 
The District 2130 Band Showcase will serve as a concert band festival featuring the three top curricular ensembles in District 230. The festival will include professional recordings of each ensemble, a public performance at Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville at North Central College, and an opportunity for our students to work with a professional collegiate music educator.

Outdoor Learning Center                                                               
Christine Borst                                                                          
The creation of the Sandburg Cottage and Outdoor Learning Center will connect students to the outside world by supporting personal and social development, environmental awareness, and self-esteem for students. Our students will become environmental leaders in their community through workshops, camps, and online forums. This grant will be used to further develop our building plans in preparation for future construction.

Social Communication Support Program                                                   
Kelly Fino, Randy James, Margaret Lading, Meg Riles, Shannon Stearns                  
This grant will help revolutionize the way we educate and connect with students demonstrating social communication deficits (autism, ADHD, LD, etc.). The goal is to develop an all-encompassing approach and support network for students who otherwise remain disengaged and misunderstood, and do not reach their academic potential both in and after high school.

Laura McIntyre and Tracey Ardizzone                                                    
This grant will provide a quiet place to do homework, needed supplies, and a small snack for students, many of whom are on free and reduced lunch programs. This is a supervised after school program that will offer help to complete homework and prepare students for the next day of school.

World Language Scouts                                                                    
Anne Reedy, Anna Reiff, Nitya Viswanath, Megan Wiley                                     
Students and world language faculty will work together to establish a list of milestones that a language learner might reach as they become more and more proficient. Students will help design and create badges (buttons) to be awarded to students who work towards and meet established milestones.

eSports Inclusion Project                                                             
Joe Tuttle and Abdallah Faraj                                                            
This grant will help expand the eSports and Video Game Club by allowing the purchase of more devices and games. This club not only competes with other schools in the area, but it is also an avenue for students at Sandburg to interact and socialize after school through local cooperative and competition based video games. It provides an opportunity for socialization and face to face interactions rather than playing these games alone at home. Emphasis and instruction are placed on proper ethics with regards to communication and sportsmanship. We emphasize positive leadership and sportsmanship when we succeed or when we fail.

Que estas leyendo? What are you reading?                                                
Rachel Ganzer, Allison Kaim, Margaret Nagle                                              
This grant will create a library for Spanish 1 students to use during class hours and after school. A variety of books that are authentic and comprehensible will be purchased. This library will help students connect with the outside community.

Stand Up for Student Learning                                                          
Lisa Mondragon, Claire Covantis, Michael Stephensen                                      
Students’ preference of standing will improve the academic engagement skills for students in the resource classes. Focus, follow through, and engaged learning is improved when students are allowed to stand while attending to tasks. This grant will be used to purchase removable standing desk adaptations that adjust to various heights and utilizes current student desks.

Ultima Sensory Room                                                                
Stacey Ardizzone, Erin Hornback, Jennifer Mulheran                                       
This grant will provide the Ultima students with an environment which supports the sensory needs of all the students in the Ultima program. The project aims to create a space that would serve as an aesthetically calming environment for students who need a safe zone where sensory input is minimal to cope with the stresses of the school environment.