The District 230 Foundation helps staff at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools bring their innovative ideas to life for students through its grant program. By providing more than $260,000 to support 111 projects over the past 12 years, the Foundation has made a significant impact on students' education. 

Grants have supported social studies, art, foreign language, sports medicine, democracy, special services, science, literacy, college preparation, character development, international studies, environmental awareness, business, physical education, family and community connections, and so much more.
Scroll through the current grants on this page and take a look at our Grant Archive, too.



2018-19 D230 Foundation Grants

  • 10th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium (District-wide)
  • Sandburg Campus Garden: Eat, Learn, Sustain (Sandburg)
  • Interactive Geologic Time Scale (Sandburg)
  • Building Positive Behaviors Through Reflective Intervention (Andrew)
  • D230 Band Showcase at Wentz Concert Hall (District-wide)
  • Outdoor Learning Center (Sandburg)
  • Social Communication Support Program (Stagg)
  • Homework Help (Stagg)
  • World Language Scouts (Stagg)
  • eSports Inclusion Project (Sandburg)
  • ¿Qué está leyendo?  What are you reading? (Stagg)
  • Stand Up for Student Learning (Andrew)
  • Ultima Sensory Room (Sandburg)