MARIE KRAUSE - Sandburg High school

JACK BIBBIANO - Stagg High School

JON ZAGHLOUL - Andrew High School

The District 230 Foundation awards $2,500 Administrator Scholarships to a graduating senior from Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools each year. Through their donations to support these scholarships, administrators from across the district take great pride in this tradition of supporting graduates as they take the next step in their education. The most recent recipients are highlighted, Be sure to check out the Scholarship Archive, too!



Jack exemplifies the strong qualities that are almost always uniquely characteristic to successful students.  He uses his time wisely; he balances the responsibilities of consistent academic success with obligations to co-curricular triumphs; he accepts leadership roles willingly, and he does everything he can to make the Stagg experience unforgettable not only for himself, but also for his fellow students.  
Jon is a truly unique student who has excelled in the classroom, been active on the baseball team, in National Honor Society, and on the VJA-TV crew. He is an award-winning play-by-play commentator for Andrew Athletics. In fact, just a week ago, he was named the National Federation High School Student Sports - Broadcaster of the Year. In his spare time, Jon owns and operates his own podcast called Sports Talked Chicago. Through this podcast he has interviewed sports greats including Roger Clemens and Metta World Peace. Jon plans to build on the success of his podcast while in college at the University of Chicago. This summer, he will take his announcing skills to another as the voice of the Windy City Thunderbolts.
Marie has taken the lead coordinating a number of events sponsored by Student Council, including dances, food drives, and fundraisers. Besides her commitment to Student Council and to multiple theater programs and performances, she has paid forward her time and talent to community programs. Her strength of character and sensitivity are exemplified in her role on the Ronald McDonald House Teen Advisory Board. She has taken her strong leadership skills to organize holiday parties and children’s activities for the families who stay there during incredibly difficult moments. She has learned and modeled that a sense of humanity starts with simple acts of charity like cooking mac & cheese or wrapping sandwiches for family lunches.