DEREK MCCURDY - Sandburg High school

EMMA LIZZIO - Stagg High School


The District 230 Foundation awards $2,500 Administrator Scholarships to a graduating senior from Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools each year. Through their donations to support these scholarships, administrators from across the district take great pride in this tradition of supporting graduates as they take the next step in their education. The most recent recipients are highlighted, Be sure to check out the Scholarship Archive, too!



Emma Lizzio is an exceptional student and clearly is extremely dedicated and driven to succeed. An active member of the Stagg community, Emma is passionate about acting and was very involved in Stagg's Drama Club throughout her 4 years. She performed in over 25 productions and assisted in nearly 35 productions. She served as Drama Club President, a role that kept her busy overseeing 5 productions including directing for one of those productions. Emma also served as Drama Club Treasurer for two years. Throughout her four years at Stagg, Emma was involved in several other co-curricular activities including band, literary magazine, speech team, sports medicine club, Spanish Honors Society, variety show, National Honor Society, choir, Voice of Witness, Principal’s Advisory, Phi Alpha Theta. While balancing this heavy extra-curricular schedule, Emma managed to earn a 30 on her ACT and a 4.8 GPA. Academics and activities aside, Emma is a very outgoing and personable individual. She is often seen saying hello to students and staff in the hallways with a big smile on her face. Emma enjoys reading the daily announcements with her friends. Emma embodies many characteristics that make the District 230 family very proud including being empathetic, caring, compassionate and ambitious. Emma attends Illinois State University where she double majors in Acting and Math Education.
Derek McCurdy is an incredible young man that has shown he has a future full of possibilities. He has demonstrated the ability to balance multiple activities along with a challenging curriculum while maintaining a positive attitude and steadfast pace throughout his four years at Sandburg High School. Derek’s focus, enthusiasm and compassion will allow him to secure a future where his passions lie. Derek has filled his high school years with activities that express his interests and serve others. A true Eagle, he has been involved in soccer, German Club, First Class Leaders, Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society, all while performing in the Top 5% of his class. He’s taken on leadership roles including Soccer Team Captain and on the State Champion SuperfanZ Executive Board. Through leadership of SuperfanZ, he has promoted inclusivity and contributed greatly to the school’s improvement plan goal to increase connectedness. Perhaps his biggest passion has been leadership for the District 230 All-Youth Relay for Life as District Chair. Derek maintains a HUGE presence in all things Relay. The adult sponsors rely on him heavily and he delivers every step of the way. As Event Chair for the 20th Anniversary Relay for Life, Derek is pretty much running the entire show. He believes strongly in the cause and that shows in his leadership. As Derek aspires to study marketing at Ohio State University in the fall, his experiences at Sandburg High School have prepared him well. He is thoughtful both as a student who likes to stretch himself intellectually, and as a person who understands that he has a role in making the world a better place. He readily accepts that role and the responsibilities that go along with it. His integrity and dignity serve him and those around him well.
Valerie McEldowney is an incredible young woman that has shown she has a future full of possibilities. Valerie filled her high school years with activities that express her interests and serve others while at Andrew High School. A true TBolt, she has been involved in numerous theatrical productions, Class Council, Swim Guard, Prom Committee, Prom Fashion Show, Mu Alpha Theta, and National Honor Society. She has also taken on leadership roles including Drama Club President, Senior Leader, Center Tutor Leader, Stage Manager and Lighting Chief. However, what expresses Valerie’s passion most is the countless hours she had dedicated to serving others. As a Center Tutor helped her peers by offering academic assistance during half of her lunch hour. On Wednesdays and Saturdays she could  be found volunteering as a lifeguard and swim instructor for children in the community. And, in her free time, she served on three week-long mission trips to assist communities in need. She built greenhouses and homes for the homeless, re-shingled roofs and restored broken homes, sorted food at food pantries, and cleaned schools in communities across the United States. Valerie has a true passion for serving others and making the world a better place to live. The future is bright for Valerie who attends the Indiana University to major in Actuarial Sciences or Business.